My first blog site. My first blog post on my first blog site. My first day.

First days can be difficult. The first day of a new job, a new project or a new endeavor can be a little mysterious, a little scary, and hopefully pretty exciting. Reminds me of being a kid, and jumping into the inflatable bouncy house at my neighbor’s birthday party. Though I have somewhat of an expectation of what will happen after I take off my shoes and thrust myself into this strange environment filled with new people and activity, I really don’t know. I might take one step and find myself soaring above everyone else, or I might get a swift kick in the jaw. Most likely, I’ll get the swift kick.


My first full time job was as a photo editor at a publishing company. I had gotten to know my new boss through the interview process. I had gotten to know the receptionist because of all the time I was waiting in the lobby for my interviews. But walking into work my very first day, I did not know anyone else. I did not know the culture of this place where I would now be spending 40 hours a week, I did not know who I would be having lunch with the first day, and I did not know where my desk was. Sitting down at my desk, I did not really even know what to do. Where do I start?

My first day as a blog writer is much like that first day of work. I don’t really know how to do this. I don’t know who will be reading my ramblings and musings. I am not even sure what I will be writing about.But I do know that my first day at that first job was over 25 years ago, and along the way I have learned a lot.

I have changed careers, and I have embarked on adventures and challenges I never dared dream. I have gotten married and had children. I have become passionate about the importance of community, the value of networks and connections, and the promise of technology. I had 5th row seats for a solo acoustic Bruce Springsteen concert, and I once met Mavis Staples at baggage claim at O’Hare airport. I can make a delicious challah from scratch.At some point, I am sure all of these people and experiences will be fair game for their own blog post.

Today is my first day at NextStep360. Together, let’s climb into the bouncy house. Let’s see what is going on. This should be fun!



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