Nine Answers I Hope to Get to Nine Questions at Microsoft Ignite 2017

I am a changed man. I had never seen anything like it before, and by the time I returned home, I hardly knew myself.

Microsoft Ignite 2016 was the biggest conference I had ever attended. After a week of endless walking, swag collection and techy conversation, I was dizzy. I returned home, collected my thoughts, and got back to work. But unlike before my Ignite 2016 experience, I now wore t-shirts emblazoned with the words Geek, Nerd and Microsoft. Now, I participated in online chats about Power BI, Azure AD and usage analytics. I could hardly look in the mirror. I had lost my way.

And now I prepare to return. Microsoft Ignite 2017. I am now more prepared. I am ready to dive into the deep end of the pool. I know what I need to learn, and what information I need to return home with. I also know I need to leave empty space in my suitcase for the plastic light sabers and black t-shirts I will inevitably collet while strolling the vendor booths.

Here, in no particular order, are the questions I am hoping get answered at Microsoft Ignite 2017.

  1. Will O365 usage reports will become useful to me? 
    The Yammer usage reports in the 0365 Admin Center are great, but I would like to see usage reports on our various external networks. Will that be coming? Is there a way to do that now? Hello…can anyone hear me?
  2. When I will move from Wunderlist task management to To-Do task management?
    I got into trouble when I bought the full blown version of Wunderlist at work a few years ago for $65. But it was great then, and it is great now. It has since been bought my Microsoft, and is being turned into something called To-Do. When will To-Do be available for business accounts? When will Wunderlist disappear from my computer in a puff of smoke, with a soft audible “pop”? Will I be ready? Probably not.
  3. How can I find my way with the Yammer road map?
    For me, everything revolves around Yammer. I need to learn what will change and when. I need to let my users know what to start to complain about now, so they can avoid the holiday rush. I am particularly interested in seeing when Skype will be completely integrated, posts can be moved between groups, the comment area being removed from the all network group, discussion group suggestions appearing at the top of the page, and much more. I kinda  feel bad for the guys at the Yammer booth…they will be seeing  a lot of me.

    “Bear Left!” “Frog Right.” Where is the Yammer road map???
  4. Where are the good bathrooms?
    I just had an idea. In the next few days before Ignite starts, I should develop an app. I’ll sell it for 99 cents. The app will show Ignite attendees (all 25,000 of them!) where the good wwdc1bathrooms are, and their current status. You know, the ones that are not constantly used throughout the day. Quiet bathrooms. Cozy bathrooms. Out of the way bathrooms. Clean (ish) bathrooms. Bathrooms with no line. I’ll be a millionaire in no time!
  5. Can I become an Extrovert?
    I am naturally an introvert, but for the six days of Ignite, I hereby promise to be an extrovert. I will introduce myself to people at learning sessions and after hour parties. I will get the information I need from vendors at booths, and I will meet Microsoft staff who can help me with my silly, inane questions.
  6. How can I get Swag without revealing my identity?
    Most swag is crappy, and I immediately regret picking up the 5th t-shirt of the day and having to lug everything around with me until I get back to my hotel. But…I totally want swag! I want it all! Give it to me…just don’t make me let you scan my conference badge, and definitely don’t call me after the conference.
  7. Is there a way I can make a good Sway? (I doubt it, and it’s my fault)
    I love the idea of Sway, an online alternative to Power point, but I don’t understand Sway. I have tried to make some Sway presentations, with no luck. Hopefully this year I can learn the trick, achieve a true level of intelligence and mastery to help me make killer Sways. I want to be the king of Sway!
  8. Do I have to talk about Star Wars?Pulp-Fiction-John-Travolta-Samuel-L-Jackson-Caricature-cover-case-for-iphone-4-4S-5-5S.jpg_640x640
    I liked Star Wars when I saw the original movies in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s but…I think I’m done. Talk to me about Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan or Michael Mann. Is anyone giving away Pulp Fiction swag???
  9. Can we Make Sense of File Sharing in Yammer?
    Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, how can I help our users make sense out of file sharing and editing in Yammer, Sharepoint, OneDrive and Outlook. The technology seems to be in a constant state of change, and our users are confused. The more clarity we can provide now, the more engagement we will have tomorrow.

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