“Day by day you’re facing, the changes you’ve been through
A little bit of living, a little bit of growing all adds up to you
When it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange
Who you are and what you’re gonna be”

Wow, even all these years ago, those Brady Bunch kids knew what they were talking about. They were visionary; prescient. It’s as if they could actually see the future laid out before them.

When it’s time to change, yes…it is time to change.

It is as if they are singing to me, about my blog, and my ongoing efforts to connect with people on a variety of subjects, in a variety of ways. It all makes sense.

I began to blog as part of my ongoing efforts to work out loud. Inspired by John Stepper, and his excellent book Working Out Loud, I saw blogging as a way to grow my network by leading with generosity. Sharing what I know, I can connect with more people, resources, networks and information because I have begun an exchange of information.

I began with a single blog site called GlickmanOnline.com, and I was empowered by the freedom to write about whatever I wanted to write about. I wrote about Yammer, the enterprise social network platform we use at work. I wrote about collaboration best practices and technology. I wrote about the practice of Working Out Loud. I even found myself writing about music. There were no rules! I could do whatever I wanted.

I soon realized though that my blog site felt a bit bifurcated. There was not a cohesive theme or voice that ran throughout all the articles. After talking to other blogging experts, I decided to host two different blog sites. One for my technology and collaboration work, and one where I could talk about music. I tried to publish a new music blog article every Tuesday, and a new collaboration article every Thursday.

I also created corresponding Facebook groups for each blog, where hopefully I could create some community and conversation as I encouraged people to read my blogs.

It was going well, but I found it hard to generate a meaningful size audience for both blogs. I was pretty happy with my numbers at glickmanonline.com, which I began to call “All Together Now.” The numbers at “1PerfectSong.com” remained pretty stagnant, no matter how hard I tried to drive traffic. I love to write, and low statistics were not going to keep me from writing about a song that I loved, regardless of how may people read, or did not read, what I wrote.

So I am going back to one blog site, here at http://www.glickmanonline.com. I have learned more about WordPress, and now have my blog entries organized in a way that they are better organized, easier to navigate to on my site, and they will be easier to share.

Thank you for sticking with me along this journey, there is much more to come. And thank you to the Brady Bunch, who after over 40 years are still able to inspire, and to help me think through difficult situations. Those kids can still help me re-arrange who I am, and what I want to be. Sha na na.

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